A global community dedicated to building a harmonious relationship with the ocean.

    Photographs by: Karim Iliya

Our approach

We empower and unite citizens, social entrepreneurs, and organizations to co-create solutions that revitalize the ocean.

WEOCEAN is aligned with UN Sustainable Development Goal 14 and focuses on ocean ecosystems, water quality, and sustainable resources.


How to get involved?

makesense provides the platform, global network and tools to build communities that revitalize the ocean, however we need everyone on board to make the deepest impact.

Join us by building your knowledge and kickstarting a community!

“We are the ocean,
the ocean is us.”

– Hinano Teavai-Murphy, UN World Oceans Day Storyteller

WEOCEAN believes inclusion is central to success and aims to fuse creative awareness and collective action to incite systemic change.

Let the ocean be the great unifier

Join us and our partners!

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